The Mission House International Church, Life Centre Inc, Uses a Modified Episcopal structure which actually employs elements from all three of the most popular forms of church structure. One of the goals of this system is to make room for both collaboration and individual leadership. Another goal is to provide the stability and safety that come from having checks and balances without hindering our leadership’s ability to lead. The structure also provides a balance of local and denominational leadership. The idea of structure is not to replace relationship in the running of the church, but rather to reduce conflict and duplication of efforts by defining roles and responsibilities.

In a congregational system of government a church is governed by a form of democracy. Church members vote on important issues and appoint board members to govern the church. Mission House uses this form of government nationally at its AGM. Through a representative vote, national membership appoints National Board members through ratification and makes decisions regarding fundamental issues such as changes to our Constitution and Bylaws. At the local church level, congregational voting is needed to ratify church council members and to make decisions on important issues such as property purchases.

Welcome to Mission House International Church , Life Centre Inc. Canada
The Mission House International Church, Life Centre Inc. has a mission to proclaim the simple, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in its pure form. Our purpose is to lead many to salvation from sin and from all oppressions of the Devil through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, to build them up as steadfast believers, and to engage them in His work.Opportunities abound in all our Church locations for sincere men and women, boys and girls who desire to follow Jesus Christ, live victoriously as Christians and fully engage themselves in the Lord’s service.

The Mission House International Church, Life Centre Inc.
The Mission House International Church, Life Centre Inc. along with its various arms of Ministries, teaches the love of God and brings hope, deliverance and succor to mankind of all race, color all over the world through sermons, books and magazines publications among other means. We minister to all men of all races, gender, and age.