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  • Sis Tayo


    I have been married for about 2yrs before I joined this church. My marriage was like a battle field because I had no child. My mother in-laws threatened to throw my things out of my matrimonial home. In fact, I almost gave up. But since I joined MHIC, God started molding my life through the teaching of the Word of God through His servant (Apostle Paul).
    I was on special prayers as directed by him and I was drinking from the cup of prophesy from him daily.
    Today, I am a mother of Two lovely children, my marriage is restored and God has made me the toast of my in-laws. To God be all the glory.

    MHIC, Life Centre
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. A


    "Our child was rushed to a near-by clinic where he was confirmed dead by the doctor, the doctor said his heart had stopped due to a cardiac complications. However we refused to let our son go and rushed the boy to church on Sunday morning 15th January 2016 during one of our service.
    After some minutes of intense prayers, the child sneezed and came back to life.
    To God be all the glory.
    MHIC, Dunamis Centre
  • Bro OSAS


    "I joined MHIC 2008. I had a mentality that hard work was equal to wealth. But the more I worked hard, the less I earned.
    But when I joined MHIC, I started hearing messages from God servant (Apostle Paul). Messages on commitment, dedication, etc. In one of those services, he said "if you can give God the same passion and attention you give Your job, God will surprise you. So, in 2009 I decided to go all out for God. I was so committed to a fault. I was in ushering Dept, drama, Sunday school dept, coordinating our business service, in fact I was everywhere for God. From that year, my life, finances has never been the same.
    In 2010 I moved from a salary of $35,000 to $125,000. in no time I became a manager in my organization even though my certificate does not merit the position, but God's favour was upon my life. Now I am married and blessed with 2 lovely boys. Have a consulting firm doing very well, open doors everywhere. To God be the glory."

    MHIC, Life Centre
  • Sis Grace


    "I thank God for this church. And I want to thank my father in the Lord Apostle Paul. I lost my very first pregnancy due to strange happenings I couldn't explain. And somehow, God was faithful as always, I became pregnant again and the devil wanted to steal my child through doubt and unbelief. One day during my pregnancy, I started seeing blood coming out of my body. In fact, I knew the meaning of that (miscarriage). So, I summon courage and told Apostle Paul about it. Guess what he said? "Blood is too much in your body, so the bad blood need to go out so that the blood your baby need can remain" As I speak with you, that pregnancy is now a 5-year old boy and God has indeed been faithful." MHIC, Life Center